OneDrive Connector App for Confluence Documentation

Connect the OneDrive add-on app to Confluence

You can connect the app to Confluence using your Atlassian account.

Connect your cloud storage service

You can connect multiple OneDrive or OneDrive for Business accounts. You can also connect your email account to access and share attachments in Pages.

Your files remain private

When you connect a cloud storage to Confluence using our app the files remain private to you. Only if you share a file to Space or in a Page they will be accessible to other users in the team.

You can upload new files, download, rename delete and create new documents.

Share files with your team in Spaces

You can share files from your folders in any cloud storage to a Confluence Space. Just click the sharing option in the file and set read-only or editing privileges for the team. You can remove shared files at any time, or change permissions.

Preview Office documents and PDFs

You can preview Microsoft Office files, Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents are supported. Previewing Google documents and OpenOffice documents are also supported. Whatever Office Suite your team uses, we got you covered. Just hit "EDIT" and you will be able to edit any document

Privacy and security are important to us

When you hit the "Edit" button, if you are not signed in, you will be asked to sign in the TOPDOX web app. Because editing happens outside Confluence in Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite Apps, we need to be sure only you or your team are authenticated. Just sign in with the same account/method you used to connect the add-on to Confluence.

Edit Microsoft, Google and OpenOffice Documents

You can edit any supported Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). We support preview of the old formats (.doc, .xls, .ppt), but only the new formats (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx) can be edited using Microsoft Office 365. This is a Microsoft Office 365 limitation. Also, some complex Word documents or some Excel spreadsheets with macros may not be possible to edit due to Microsoft limitations.

Real-time collaboration for shared documents is supported. So, if you are editing a file that is shared to Space or a Page and another user opens the document to edit, he/she will join the editing session.

Embed/link documents to Pages using the macro

Using the macro integration you can embed/link documents, of any format, to Confluence Pages. The linked documents remain in the original cloud storage provider. This way you no longer are limited to the 25GB cap for attachments to Confluence cloud. Also, your team can manage storage quotas in a much more efficient way with NO more duplicated files across platforms.

Live preview of Office documents and PDFs is supported. If a document is edited, just refresh the page and the preview will update.

Support to connect entire folders to Pages is coming soon! :)

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