Microsoft Office App for Confluence Server Documentation

Access the add-on via the Macro option

Enter in "edit mode" in a page and click the [+] to insert a new Macro.

Connect your account to the add-on

You need to authenticate yourself in the add-on because your personal files will be available ONLY to you. Please use your Confluence account (Sign in with Atlassian account option) it will make things easier.

Connect a storage place

To use the add-on, you need to connect a file storage. Because the macro does NOT store the files in Confluence, it keeps the file in the original source. This helps to keep Confluence faster, with less files and avoids duplicated files. Currently the Add-on support OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Egnyte, Google Drive, FTP Servers and IMAP (email) Servers. Coming Soon support for SharePoint and Windows SMB File Servers.

When you connect to connect a storage like OneDrive for Business, you will be redirected to authorize the add-on to connect to it. We NEVER store your user or password credentials. We use state of the art oAuth 2.0 to connect securely and encrypted. The add-on just gets an authorization token to use the storage. You can revoke this authorization at any time.

You will be redirected to the Confluence Page in edit mode again. But you will need to open the Macro modal again. Now you will see the connected storage and your files. You can connect as many storage accounts as you like. And have all your files accessible in the Macro. Just click "Add place" and repeat the process.

You can reorder and rename the connected storage accounts the way you want. You can also remove the storage.

Select, preview and edit your documents

You can navigate your folders, open and preview files, download a copy, rename or delete a file from the Macro modal. If you select to edit your file you will need to authenticate again in our webApp. Why? Keep reading! :)

Authenticate in the ikuTeam webApp

When you click to edit a file for the first time you will be redirected to the ikuTeam webApp and you will be required to authenticate (you will be asked to authenticate again if you change browser or computer). Why does this happen? Well, we need to make sure that you are YOU and allow you to access the file via Microsoft Office 365 editors. The privacy and security of your files are very important to us. Also, Microsoft does not allow the Office apps to be used inside Confluence, so it opens a new browser tab.

Authenticate with your Confluence account. Select to sign in with Atlassian and use your Confluence user to authenticate.

Edit your files using Microsoft Office apps

You are now authenticated, and you can edit your files. Note, this will edit the files in their original storage, like OneDrive, Dropbox, Egnyte, Google Drive, FTP Server, etc. Files will autosave while you edit, do not close the tab while "Saving...", wait for it to complete.

Insert documents into Pages

Select a file or open it for preview to double check if that is the right one you want to share/embed into the Page. Then hit "Submit".

The inserted document will look like this in edit mode. The file will be placed were the cursor is. You can click it to change it or delete it from page.

After you publish the page, the embed document will display collapsed. You preview in full screen, download a copy to your computer, edit or you can un-collapse to see the document in context.

Edit shared/embed files, together

When you click "Edit" in a shared/embed document, it will open for edit. Don't worry about versions, because if a colleague also starts editing the shared file you will enter in a Real Time Collaboration session. While you are editing a document, you can see who else is editing the document at the same time and you can add comments to the document. All these changes will be tracked, if you open the document in the Desktop version of MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel, you can see all the track changes.

After any document editing, you just need to reload the Confluence page, it will always show the lattes document version available. No more download/edit/upload again. Just one click to edit shared documents, and all updated to the last version.

IMPORTANT! Please read.

The add-on uses the storage place as the "single source of true", this is great, but you need to understand that it has some special behaviors. Like:

  • If you share the same file into 2 different Confluence pages, when it gets edited in one page, it will reflect that changes in the other page.
  • If someone deletes the file shared/embed into a Page from the original storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, FPT Server, etc) it will no longer be available in Confluence.
  • If someone edits the file in the cloud storage or FTP server via a desktop app, those changes will also reflect on Confluence.
  • This behavior is great to avoid duplicates and multiple untracked versions across platforms. With this add-on you can have 1 file that is the same everywhere. But you need to remember that it's the same single file everywhere. Handle it with care. :)

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